Friday, October 30, 2009

A Day To Play

It was a day off from school for Mitchel and Max today, so I thought we should get away from the daily grind (and the house cleaning ) and go do something fun. We discovered Classic Fun Center. What a blast! Back when I was a kid, I remember going to the roller skating rink. Now they have tons of bounce houses and slides and a crawl around area called "The Jungle." There is also Lazer tag and a ball shooting place. We didn't try out those two or the skating. The boys were highly entertained with all the bouncing, jumping, crawling, and the 10 free tokens for games that were included in what we paid. It was so much fun for me to just watch them play and sweat! Good times had by all!

Now its on to movie night and a sleepover in the living room. Top it all off with trick-or-treating tomorrow! What a fun weekend. I love having kids! They make my life so much more entertaining.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

4 months old already!

I can't believe that my baby is already past that "new born" phase. He has been such a sweet and fun addition to our family. I love making him smile and have found many of his ticklish spots. His giggle is adorable. Luckily, he is starting to spit up much less, but has replaced that with drooling a LOT! He soaks through at least four or five bibs a day. He is still supper skinny and his pants practically fall off of him, but he is long. Miles is very predictable and has his schedule down pat, yet he is flexible enough that I can cart him all over the place and he just rolls with it. He is also getting better with his car seat and doesn't fuss every time I put him in it now. He sleeps like a dream (9 pm-8am) and is smiley and happy when he wakes up in the morning. His 4 month check up is tomorrow and I will post his stats then. I love having my four boys and I find joy every day in being their mom.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I swear...

I will never spend this much money on Halloween costumes again, but this year it was totally worth it!!! My boys are so into Star Wars right now and I couldn't help it when I saw these awesome costumes at Target. I know it won't be long till Mitchel doesn't want to dress up in these cute (and not scary) costumes, so I thought this was the year to get us all on the same theme. Here we have some heroes and some villains. If you can't tell who I am, I am Padme Amidala. Mike is a Clone Trooper (no costume required).
My Star Wars troop. May the Force Be With You!!!
Master Yoda.
( I couldn't help buying this one! Look how cute he is with those big ears!!)
Obi-Wana Kenobi
(The Force is Strong with this one!)
My little Ewok.
Darth Vader
(And don't let that sweet face fool you. He does have a Dark Side to him)
They all have had a blast dressing up and having light saber fights. I love seeing them running around just being boys. They have awesome imaginations and love making up all sorts of stories and battles. They check out Star Wars books from the library and love playing Star Wars on the play station. I know this obsession won't last forever, so I thought I would go for it this year. I think it was well worth it. In the future, if any of your kids want to be a Star Wars character, please feel free to borrow these from me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This is for you Mom!

See, we can love certain kind of dogs at our house. My kids have lovingly named this one, "Daisy."

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Disneyland Vacation

Seriously, I took over 150 pictures of our trip to Disneyland, so I've tried to put only a few of my favorites on my blog. It was such a great trip! The boys did awesome on the long drive there and back and the weather was perfect! We started our trip on Friday and drove to Las Vegas to stay with Julie and Craig Clemens for the night. It was so good to see them again. Thanks so much for letting us hang out with your family! Your awesome!
Then it was on to Disneyland. We stayed at a hotel about a block and a half away so we could walk to the park.
My kids are at a really fun age to take to Disneyland. Luckily, Mason is a tall 3 year old and he could ride just about everything, even Space Mountain. This is the picture they take of you while you are on the ride. They put in some scary stuff for Halloween. My boys would only ride it once, and that was enough for them. But look at Mason in the front! He loved it all!
Main street was decorated for Halloween. It was really cute!
They have this really cool thing in Tomorrow Land called "Jedi Training." Max got picked to go up and they teach them how to use a light saber. Then Darth Vader comes out and the kids get to practice their Jedi moves. Max was awesome and totally defeated the Dark Side!
California Adventure Park
We love the California Adventure park. This was the first time my sister had been there and she loved it even more than Disneyland. We ran into Lightning McQueen!
We got soaking wet on the Grizzly River Run!
Love the 3D movie "It's tough to be a bug"
They have emptied out all the water around the big wheel and roller coaster to put in a new light and water show. It should be done by summer of 2010 and looks like it is going to be awesome! They are also building a Little Mermaid ride (2011) and a whole Cars area (2012).
The longest line we had to wait in was for the Toy Story ride (about 45 minutes). It is a 3D interactive ride where you play video games throughout the ride. Pretty clever.
This is my favorite ride of all "The Hollywood Tower of Terror!" This picture says it all of how each of us liked it. Mitchel HATES it, Max isn't so sure, and Mason was smiling away. I could ride this a hundred times! I love it!
The Beach
We ended our vacation with a day and night at Sunset beach. It was perfect until we had been there for a few hours and Mike cut his toe on something in the ocean (or something bit him. We're not quite sure) Then his toe was throbbing in pain and we thought we might have to take him to instacare or something. We ended up just putting Neosporin and a band aid on it and hoped it would get better. But that kind of shortened our beach fun.
So that was our Disneyland vacation in a nutshell. We had a great time and for the most part, everyone got along really well. I'm glad that Aunt Tracy was with us. It's nice to have a 1 to1 ratio with the kids. Thanks to Grandma Miller and Grandma Harker for taking care of Miles for us while we were gone. Our plan is to go again when Miles is old enough to ride everything like Mason did this time (probably 2012 when the Cars land opens). Until then, we'll have 150 pictures to remind us of all the fun we had!