Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Stuff

February just flew by. On Valentines day, my boys woke up to find a small tub of K'nex and some seriously cool shades. The roses were my gift from Mike. There was also some chocolate covered strawberries. Yum! Look how cool they all look in their glasses!! These will come in very handy during the summer on all our camping trips and driving around in the car. Also for all the time we will be spending at the Herriman beach this summer!

Max's cool hair to go with his cool shades! We spent Valentines evening together as a family. I made breakfast for dinner per my boys request.
(Mike and I celebrated later that week with a Friday night stay at the Little America Hotel.)

I had seen advertised a free Science night for kids up at the new Museum of Natural History at the U of U on a Wednesday evening. I had been wanting to see this museum and was hoping that along with the free stuff, we would be able to tour the museum as well. No such luck, but the free Science stuff was fun. They also all got a free book to take home!

There were several stations set up to teach the kids about balance.

In another room, we did experiments on how sound and light travel. This one was really cool. When you hit the hanger without your fingers in your ears, you could barely hear anything. With your fingers in your ear, it sounded like a huge boom!

They each made their own cup and string telephone.

Miles loved the tuning forks in the cup of water. He couldn't quite make the tuning fork do enough splashing, so he took care of that on his own.

Max participated in a WONDERFUL research project and patriotic program with the rest of the second grade. Each student picked a great American from history to research and write a report on. Then they had to make a desk top display of that person.
Max chose Babe Ruth. He did all the research and writing on his own, and his report was really good! Then he made a Lego baseball field to display along with his mitt, bat, and a ball. He wore his Taylorsville baseball uniform to get into character.

Mrs. Duckworth had invited the Superintendent, Taylorsville City Mayor Russ Wall, people from the military, Taylorsville firefighters and police officers to come to Bennion. Then all the second graders sang "This Land is My Land" and "Proud to be an American." Tears were just streaming down my cheeks by the end. I was so proud of these second graders and how well they did. I am so grateful for the teachers for helping these children see how important our country is and how blessed we are to live here. I also love that they got to see some real heros from our community. It was a wonderful program and I'm so glad Max got to take part in it.

At the end, Mayor Russ Wall led us in the pledge of Allegiance. I've never been more proud to say the pledge!

This firefighter was asking Max about Babe Ruth so I was able to get a picture of Max and a true hero! Mrs. Duckworth encouraged all the kids to be "Great Americans."