Friday, October 12, 2012

Max is 9!

So cutie pie baseball star Max turned 9 at the beginning of September and I am just now getting around to blogging about it. Life is crazy! In the morning, he woke up to find a few gifts on the table. The big box is a Star Wars Lego set (did we really need another one of those??) And an Xbox game (did we really need another one of those either?) It's getting harder and harder to find good gifts for my boys.
 Then, before he headed off to school, his Mom gave him a healthy birthday breakfast of donuts and chocolate milk. Then she won the mother of the year award (NOT!) but Max was happy about it.
 That night, along with Tracy's family, we went to Crystal Hot Springs for an overnight camping trip. There was a deal on KSL for swimming and camping and that seemed like a good thing to do for Max's b-day. It actually was a lot of fun even though the camp ground was a dive and the bathrooms were yucky. We still loved roasting hot dogs and making smores.
 The fun part was swimming in their pools. They really were hot and they definitely had a lot of minerals in them. You didn't want to get the water in your mouth. It tasted all salty and minerally. It even turned parts of my pink swimsuit orange. But it was relaxing. Max and Mitchel payed extra so they could go down the waterslides (rip-off).
 (sorry if you are being blinded by all of our glowing whiteness!)
It was an interesting place, and I don't think we'll ever camp there again, but it was a fun adventure and a great way to celebrate Max's ninth birthday. Thanks for celebrating with us Wood family!