Monday, May 24, 2010

Six years of being "LOST"

I can't believe it is actually over. Six years of my T.V. viewing life was invested in one of the best shows ever, and now it's over.
I began watching LOST in the middle of the first season when they did a recap show of what had been going on so far. I was hooked. I called Tracy and told her that she had to watch this show with me. After that, both of us were addicted. And who wouldn't be? The show was full of fun characters that you loved rooting for and cheering on and freaking out with. It was scary, funny, romantic, crazy, mind boggling, exciting, mysterious, thought provoking, heart stopping, tense, beautiful, and entertaining, all in one show. I looked forward to it every week and couldn't wait to find out how everything would all end up. Well, now I know. At first I was disappointed with the Finale. I guess I just wasn't smart enough to make it all make sense in my little brain. So the next day, I went on line to hear what other people thought. They explained the last episode so it made a lot more sense. I am now satisfied with how it all turned out. I loved all the characters, but especially Jack and Sawyer. (Not to mention that they were HOT!) I loved how each season had a totally different story and craziness going on. I loved never quite knowing what it all meant and how it all made sense. (And in the end, a lot of it didn't make sense). But that was okay. It was a fun six year ride and I really am sad to see it end.
This is our LOST party. We had pizza, breadsticks, dessert, soda, and popcorn while watching it on Tracy's big T.V. with the volume up way loud so we wouldn't miss a word.
My two favorite Castaways, Sawyer and Jack.
Goodbye LOST. I will miss you. Hopefully I can find another show that keeps me as entertained and emotionally invested as you did.
Thanks for the fun!

Friday, May 21, 2010

2 more weeks!

So I had to change my blog background a little early because I am just so excited for summer to be here. I have such big plans for how we will be spending our lazy days of summer. No spelling tests to study for, no math homework, no going to bed right in the middle of the best chapter in the book, no waking up at the crack of dawn, no schedule, just FREEDOM to have FUN! I have put away some money from the weddings I've done so far this year and that is going to be our "blow" budget this summer to go swimming, to museums, out to lunch, etc. I can't wait! We also have some camping trips planned, our big one being to Mount Rushmore for an entire week. Now that I know I'll have a job next year, I am going to really try to have some good, quality, family time with my boys. I also have girls camp and youth conference to attend. So I think we will stay pretty busy, but in a relaxed kind of way. Now bring on the sun!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Having a Ball

We have had such a great time this Spring watching all three boys play in different sports. Mitchel has been on a Taylorsville Rec basketball league, with Mike as his coach. Mason is playing on a pre-K soccer team. And Max has been playing Taylorsville coach pitch baseball, with Mike being an assistant coach. What a blast! Our Saturdays have been filled with running from one game to the next, but it has been so much fun. All three of them have loved it.
Here is our line up:
Max Harker
Team: Express
Taylorsville Baseball
Mason Harker
Team: Big Green
Taylorsville Rec
Mitchel Harker
Team name:?
Taylorsville Rec

Action shots:

It has been great to watch them improve and learn over the season. Mitchel's last game is next Saturday and his team has been awesome! They have only lost 2 games. Max and Mason will continue to play until the middle of June. I hope they continue to love sports and being active. I love being a fan and cheering them on. Mike is an awesome coach and is so patient and kind with the kids. Good Times!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Golden Spike

"A journey across the plains was a formidable undertaking that required great patience and endurance. Now all is changed...The six months' journey is reduced to less than a week. The prairie schooner has passed away, and is replaced by the railway coach with all its modern comforts."
That was the quote displayed to the entrance of Utah's very own Golden Spike State Park, where the two rails met that connected the United States from sea to shining sea. We took a little trip to Promontory, Utah on Monday to celebrate that great event that happened 141 years ago. I let the kids miss school that day and we went up with my brother, Steve, and Grandma Harker. It was so worth the 1 1/2 hour drive out to the middle of nowhere.
These are exact replicas of the two engines that met there, the Jupiter and the 119. It was so cool to hear the bells ring and the whistles blow!
They did an hour long program to celebrate the event. Everyone was dressed up in period dress. They reenacted the entire ceremony, from the telegraph, to the placing of four special spikes, to all the words that were spoken 141 years ago. It was so well done and helped us to see how exciting that event was to the whole country back then.
All of these people are volunteers passionate about preserving the history of the "Golden Spike."
The engines were really amazing.

I was a little worried about having my kids miss a day of school, but it was so worth it! It made us all appreciate a little more living in Utah. We live in a great state, and this is one part of our history that I am glad I and my children now know more about. Thanks Steve for inviting us to go with you! I hope you get an A+ on your paper. And Grandma Harker, thanks for taking this adventure with us and helping with the kids. It was a wonderful day and I am so glad we went!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother's Day for me is really just another Sunday where I have to get everyone ready for church. So as much as I would love to lounge around in my PJs and do nothing, it didn't happen. Instead I was giving baths, ironing clothes, making breakfast, doing dishes, and yelling at everyone to get ready for church. So just another typical day at the Harker household. But we did make it to church and while there, my boys made me these super cute flowers. They handed them to me after Relief Society. (a combined meeting with the YW that I had to leave halfway through because Miles was being too noisy. Mike was teaching the Sunbeams which is why I had him) They all smiled and said, "I love you Mom," then grabbed them back and turned them into guns with sound effects, while walking down the hall, shooting each other. (More yelling by me) When we got home, I was able to put Miles down for a nap, send the boys off to play on the computer, and I read the Sunday newspaper. All of it! That night we all went to Aunt Tracy's to have dinner.
Just so you know, I have the best Moms in the entire world. It goes without saying that my own Mom is amazing, but how lucky was I to also get the best Mother-In-Law in the entire world too. They are both such great women and examples to me. They love my children with all their hearts and spend many hours babysitting them so I stay sane. I am so grateful to have both of them in my life and I love them more than I could ever say.
Happy Mother's Day to the best Moms on the planet!
P.S. as a side note, I also want my kids to know how much I love being their Mom. I'm not always the most patient, I yell way to much, and I have a lot I could be doing better, but I hope they always know how much I love them. This mom job is a lot harder than it looks but I am grateful for it everyday. I love my boys more than they will ever know and they are the sunshine in my life. So Happy Mother's Day to me too!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sugarland Concert

For my birthday back in February, Tracy got us tickets to see "Sugarland" in concert at the E-Center. It was awesome! The opening acts were Danny Gokey (a finalist on last season American Idol) and Julianne Hough (from Dancing with the Stars). All of them sounded FABULOUS! The thing about country singers is that they actually know how to sing. It was a fun night.

Thanks Tracy for the night of country! I loved it!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mitchel's big weekend

Mitchel had a great weekend. It started on Thursday when Mitchel received his Wolf badge in Cub Scouts and advanced up to the Bear Den. He also was awarded a gold arrow point and two silver ones. This was a pretty big achievement for both him and I since he spent almost his whole Wolf year without any "real" den leaders and he and I did most of it on our own. We had a lot of fun though and learned a lot. He is excited to be a Bear now.
Friday was Mitchel's 9th birthday. We started the morning with a few presents from Mom and Dad. He got a CD player and a Radio Disney CD. Then he got a lot of toys for swimming this summer. He can't wait to use those!
Pancakes for breakfast!
While Mitchel was at school that day, I attempted to make his cake. He wanted a chocolate and white cake layered together and covered with blue frosting. That sounded easy enough, even though I've never attempted anything more creative that a cake in a 9x13 pan. I thought I could just bake two cakes, cut them in half, then layer them on top of each other. Boy, was I wrong. I couldn't really get them out of the pans to start. Then when I cut them in half, I couldn't pick up each half and they just crumbled all over. CRAP! So I laughed at how lame I am at baking and picked up the phone and called Ream's, who made me a lovely cake. They saved the day!
Mason thought it was great because we spent the rest of the afternoon just munching from the "cake disaster."
That night we had a family party at Aunt Tracy's house. We barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers and played games from "Minute to Win It." So fun! Then Mitchel was given some really fun gifts from his Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. This one is from Uncle Matt and was the hit of the evening. It is a K'nex Roller Coaster that has 1303 pieces. Mitchel was so excited! (and so was Max)
We loved having all the Millers and Harkers there to celebrate with Mitchel. He loved every minute of it and said it was one of the best birthdays ever. (But he does say that every year!)
Tonight we are going to celebrate a little more by going to Hollywood Connection for Family Home Evening.
It's amazing to think how much my life changed nine years ago. Who knew that welcoming Mitchel into my life would change me forever? We have laughed together, cried together, prayed together, hurt together, played together, learned together, and grown so much over these past nine years. I know I am not the same person I was then, because being a mother is like no other adventure you could ever have. There are days when I see Mitchel and my heart just feels like bursting with pride and love. And, let's face it, there are days when I want to knock his block off. But all the ups and downs of parenthood are so worth it. It is by far the hardest job I've ever done, but also the most rewarding. I am loving watching Mitchel grow into a young man with so much to offer this world. I hope I am doing all I can to teach him and love him. He is such a great kid and I am so glad that he is my son!
Happy Birthday Mitchel! I love you!