Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brace Face #2

Look at the new BLING Mitchel got! What a cutie! Mitchel's teeth were actually aligned pretty well, but he did have an overbite. Since the opportunity came our way, we thought we might as well fix it while we could. Mike had to take him to get them on since I was at work. When I saw him for the first time I was blown away. 1) He looks so cute with them and 2) He looks so much older with them. It's like I have a teenager in my house! It is nice that I can empathize with him since I've been through it too. The first few days are pretty rough. But he has adjusted quite well and hasn't complained a bit (unlike me who complained about them every day!)

Max Turns Eight!

Max celebrated his eighth birthday on the 7th of September. It was a crazy, busy day, but he managed to have a great birthday. Birthdays at the Harker's always start with some presents in the morning. Max had to hurry this year because he had to get to school.

Presents are followed by a birthday breakfast of Mom's famous Bisquick pancakes. Then it was off to school.

When Max got home, he headed straight to the ballpark for his game. He is playing on the eight year old Taylorsville team. It wasn't Max's best game and he struck out on the last ups, but he still had fun.

Right after that we headed out for a family party at Fat Cats for bowling and pizza. Grandma and Grandpa Miller joined us for this one. Max bowled an amazing game and almost beat everyone.

He got what he wanted the most from G&G Miller, a real, flying, remote control helicopter.
By the time we got home it was time for showers, brushing teeth, and going to bed, so we didn't even get to eat the cupcakes I had made for him. So we saved them for the next day and he was able to blow out his birthday candle and make a wish.
I'm so glad to have Max in my life. He is so affectionate and loving. He makes me feel like I do a good job as a mom. I am glad we got to share his eighth birthday with him and we are looking forward to his baptism in a few weeks.