Sunday, April 14, 2013

Easter Baseball - St. George

We spent Easter weekend living it up in St. George. Of course there was sleeping nice and cramped in our hotel. (It actually was a really nice room with three queen beds. I am just used to having a king)
 And then there was the hotel pool that the kids were so excited to swim in (too cold for me).

 And playing games in our room.
 But the real purpose for our trip was to play baseball with this awesome team of 9 year olds from Taylorsville...
 and to watch this handsome, amazing all star!
 There was lots of playing in the outfield, occasionally 3rd base, even a little pitching...
 and lots of batting in the four games they played over the two days.
 We were loyal fans roasting in the St. George sun while cheering on our Taylorsville Warriors!
 Well some of us were cheering while the rest of us ate sunflower seeds and every other snack Mom brought or...
 reading books and completely ignoring the game.
 (Mitchel read 5 novels on this trip!)
 But it was all worth it when our boys made it to the championship game on Saturday night and pulled out a victory!!! These kids are amazing players for as young as they are. Max has been playing with most of them for 2 years now and it has been so fun to watch them grow and learn.
 They have great coaches who really know what they are doing and are teaching the boys all the right things, while having lots of fun at the same time.
They totally earned those trophies by playing hard and smart. I was so proud of them. Max was thrilled to go home with a trophy! It was a great way to start the season.
We had a great time as a family and are looking forward to a spring filled with baseball. Max will be playing on his regular Giants team during the week, and the Taylorsville team on Saturdays and for tournaments. Mason is also starting coach pitch baseball with one game during the week and one on Saturdays. We might end up just camping out at the baseball diamond! Love it!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Some March Happenings

It was finally time to get rid of the "baby room" since I no longer have any babies. Mason and Miles share a room and when I asked them what they wanted their new room to look like, they picked "Rock Star!" Sounded good to me. We found some cute bedding at, painted the walls, and got some fun wall art from Hobby Lobby. To bring it all together, my sister-in-law made our rock star vinyl lettering. The boys love how it turned out!

 Turning the bedroom into a music room made me do some thinking about Mason. He has always loved music and dancing and has always seemed to have rhythm. This got me wondering if he might be ready, willing, and able to take piano lessons. He seemed completely excited at the chance to learn to actually play music, so we got him signed up right away with the best piano teacher we know!
 This is at his first lesson. His teacher is our Stake President's wife. Mitchel also took lessons from her for a few years (but he just didn't love the piano.) She is amazing and Mason looks forward to going each week.
 He is also a champ at practicing. No whining, no complaining (at least so far)
 Miles and I have been trying to spend a few afternoons outdoors before the other kids get home from school when the weather is nice. He loves blowing bubbles, playing baseball, and swinging. Even though I have a hundred other things I need to get done, I am trying to take the time to play with him as much as possible since he is my baby and I'll never get this time again.
 He is an amazing athlete already and hits the ball almost every time way over my head!
And then there was St. Patrick's Day. Since it was on a Sunday, the boys had nothing green to wear to church, but I did supply them with some green breakfast and snack items for the day. Mason was the only one around to get a picture of. 
The best thing that happened this March was the Easter baseball tournament Max was a part of in St. George, but that will be a whole other post. So glad that Spring is finally here!