Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time Together

Mitchel's Date Night

Max had his date with mom last week, so this week it was Mitchel's turn. Mitchel got a date with both of his parents. We started the evening at Wingers, both mine and Mitchel's favorite restaurant. What can we say, we LOVE the Winger's creamy amazing sauce! Yum!

Next, it was off to Kingsbury Hall for a production of "The Boxcar Children." Mitchel has read almost every single one of these books and loves them. The play was based around the first novel where the kids run away and make their home in a railway boxcar.

These were the actors. It was performed by kids who take acting classes at the U after school. I've always thought that Mitchel would love the theater and acting. When he was in second grade, his class did a performance of the "Frog Prince" where Mitchel was the frog, and he was really good! Since then, I've tried to talk him into trying acting. After seeing this play, I think he might be interested. He absolutely loved every minute of it. His smile went from ear to ear all night and he leaned over to me several times saying, "This is so exciting," or "I love this Mom."

When the play was over, he said, "I want to see more plays Mom." I asked him if he thought he might want to be in one and he said that he would. Taylorsville Rec Center has a drama club called "Up With Kids" so I might try to get him involved in that. It was a wonderful date night and we all had a fabulous time.

Going Green

Thought I might as well put in the St. Patrick's Day pictures I took.

Grandpa and Grandma came to visit that night bringing us a huge tub of popcorn. Notice how Grandpa wasn't wearing any green. He got pinched several times!

Afternoon Mess

One day after school this week, I was trying to clean up the kitchen. It was cold and snowy outside, so Mason and Miles were a little bored. I had the brilliant idea to get out paint for them to play with. If my goal was to clean the kitchen, then I failed miserably! It just got a whole lot messier.

(Look at Miles' amazing eyelashes! They are so long)
Miles tried really hard at first to keep the paint on the paper, but after a while, painting himself was much more fun. After this little art project it was off to the tub. Needless to say, I didn't do much house cleaning that day, but no worries, there is always tomorrow!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Best Date Ever!

I got to sit by the cutest boy in the entire Energy Solutions Arena this past cute date MAX!
Mike had gotten two tickets from his boss at work, but he had his own basketball game that night, so instead, Max volunteered to be my date for the evening. He really likes basketball and we were both so excited to go. Our seats were behind the opposing team bench, row 17. Great seats!

I always smuggle in my own popcorn. No way am I paying $7.00 for a bucket. Max was happy with that.
The game was so exciting! The Jazz were ahead for almost the entire game until the last few minutes. Then the 76rs caught up and the game ended up going into overtime. Max and I were jumping up and down, yelling and screaming.

Across the court from us, in the very front row, were my brother Steve and sister-in-law Brenda. She had also been given tickets to the game that night. During the exciting part of the game, Bear came and sat down next to them and I got this cool photo of them cheering together.

The Jazz finally ended up pulling out the win in overtime. Max loved watching the confetti fall from the ceiling. We had so much fun together. He was a great date because he actually talked to me, cheered with me, yelled with me, danced with me, laughed with me, and kept telling me how much fun he was having. I don't get to spend time with my children one-on-one very often, so this was such a special time to spend with Max and see his personality. I think he is going to grow up loving basketball as much as his dad. He is so charming and fun to be with and I am sure in the future, he will make an awesome date for some lucky girl!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Oh the Fun We Have!

I have a promise in my patriarchal blessing that says I "will walk the streets of New Jerusalem, unhampered by regrets." Maybe because of that statement, I have tried to live my life with no regrets. I never want to look back on my life and say, "I wish I would have done that." That is especially true when it comes to spending time with my kids. When they get too old to hang out with their mom, I don't want to look back and wish I would have spent more time with them, or done more fun things with them, or just enjoyed them more. So, I am living in the now and taking advantage of the time I get to spend with them in their childhood. I mean look at them! They are so adorable and really there is no one on the planet I would rather hang out with than my four boys! Here are some of the fun things we have done together over the last few weeks. We got a Friday and Monday off of school in February for President's Day. We spent the Friday at a place called "Airborne" in Draper. The whole place is covered with trampolines with different areas to goof around in.

We played dodge ball in one area. Max and Mason have pretty good throwing arms and hit me way more times than I hit them. It was a riot!

We also spent time playing tag and jumping off the trampolines into a pit full of foam squares. I got the best workout of my life and my legs were sore the next day from so much jumping. We will definitely be going here again!

On Monday, we went to the Jean Fullmer Recreation center to their indoor pool. I wish the water would have been about 10 degrees warmer, but we had fun splashing around. Mitchel and Max loved the water slide. It made us all look forward to summer when we will be able to swim outside.

At the last Cub Scout pack meeting, Mitchel received his Bear award. Right now, Mike is his Bear leader which makes it extra special for Mitchel. He is enjoying working on his achievements and hopes to get some arrow points before he turns 10.

I am loving Facebook. I have become a "fan" of Salt Lake City and so they show different things going on around the valley. One of the things advertised was free Saturdays up at the Fine Arts Museum up at the U of U. Each Saturday has a different theme. The first Saturday in March was "air" so we took the kids up. We first went to a lecture about weather forecasting. That was cool for Mitchel because he had been studying this in fourth grade science. He knew all the answers.

They also had a room where the kids could make kites. We worked really hard on them.

Then we went outside to test them out. Unfortunately, there wasn't much wind, so we will have to wait for another day to really test them out.

I absolutely love spending time with my boys. They are so full of energy and wonder and make any outing an adventure. I love that I get to have the experience of being a mom. Another line in my blessing says, "You will know the joy of motherhood." I have to say that being a mom is a joyful experience. They are the light of my life and I am so grateful for every moment.