Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bummer News!

So we found out this week that Mike has torn his Achilles tendon in his calf. He did it while playing basketball (of course). He came home and said it felt like someone had just kicked him really hard in his calf. The next day it was totally swollen and turning purple. He couldn't get into the foot doctor until about a week later and that's when he found out how bad it really was. He is scheduled for surgery on Monday. The doctor wanted to do it yesterday, but Mitchel is being baptised on Saturday and Mike couldn't be down for that. So he'll get the surgery on Monday, then be down for a few days. Then after that he has to wear a big boot and use crutches for up to 8 weeks! Crap!! Then it will take some physical therapy and lots of time (at least 6 months) before he can run and jump again. There goes all our summer camping plans! Oh well, it could be a lot worse. We are also having a busy weekend with Mitchel's birthday (today!) and his baptism and all that. So lots happening right now at the Harker house. CRAZY!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

30 Weeks and all is well!

Here I am with only ten weeks to go. Luckily, my working out has been paying off by making this pregnancy one of my easiest ever. Some things are getting harder, like putting on shoes and socks and getting comfortable at night. But now that sandal weather is here, that will solve the shoe problem. I've gained about 20 pounds so far, which is similar to where I was with the other three. It kind of makes me feel nostalgic to think about this being my last pregnancy. It feels like I was just pregnant with my first one, and now I've done it four times. That is amazing to me. It is a one of a kind feeling to have this little, moving human being inside of me. I am so in love with Miles already! I have loved it when Mason will come up and talk to my belly. He says, "Hi baby Miles. What are you doing in there?" Mitchel always asks if he is awake or asleep. I think I am more excited than ever to get this baby here because even though I know it will be crazy and exhausting, I also know how amazing and wonderful it is to have a baby and watch them grow and change into an awesome person. I'm also looking forward to having my complete family here on earth. More and more I love the fact that my family will consist of four unique, handsome, funny, smart, awesome boys. They are so fun!! So I plan on enjoying these last two months of my last pregnancy. It all goes by so fast!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Break Finale

Last Monday the 13th was the end to our Spring Break. The sun was finally shining (and the wind blowing like crazy) so we decided to head out and enjoy the "Spring like" weather. I took the kids to Jordan Parkway to ride around. Mitchel has finally learned how to ride his bike and he loves it.
Mason rode his bike for one way of the trip. Of course on the way back, I was carrying it for him.

Max still likes the safety of his scooter. Probably for his next birthday we'll give him a bike and see how he does with that.
It felt good to be outside and feel the wind in our face. The funny thing was that two days later we were in the snow (again!). Don't we love Spring in Utah?

Monday, April 13, 2009


Of course Easter had to start with a visit from the Easter bunny. I guess my flash didn't go off for this picture. They had plenty of treats and also some DVDs. Our church starts at 9:00 so no time for cute Easter pictures in our Sunday clothes. Oh well.
Because we were busy Saturday night, the egg coloring took place Sunday after church. I think it's funny kids like this tradition so much because all you do is drop in an egg, wait, and then take it out. Not too exciting, but they seem to love it (and I remember loving it as a kid too.)

Easter dinner was spent at Aunt Tracy's. We barbecued chicken kabobs with rice, salad, and rolls. Very Yummy! But the big event is the cousin Easter Egg Hunt (More Candy UGG!!) They all ran around my sisters yard like crazy people. Abbey and Mason were the big winners with the golden eggs that contained $1 while Mitchel got the silver with $0.50. The rest just got more sugar that was mostly eaten within 30 minutes.

Cousins: Max, Ryan, Abbey, Mitchel, Mason, and Allie. They are all really close in age and love spending time together. Thanks for the fun guys!

Great Grandparents

We had an awesome surprise Saturday Night. Mike's grandparents from San Diego California were in town doing some family history research so we were able to get together with all of Mike's siblings and kids to have dinner and visit with them. They are Mike's Mom's parents. I think the last time they saw my kids was when Mason was like one week old. They now have 16 great grandchildren and my Miles will make 17. They are so active and healthy and serve in so many positions in the church. You would never guess they are close to 90 years old. They still seem so young and vibrant. I want to be just like them when I am their age. Marcy and Craig Bramwell. (Mitchel's middle name is Craig too)

Pat (my mother-in-law) Marcy, Craig and Max (my father-in-law who my Max is named after)

My family. I hope Mike is as handsome and has as good of hair as his grandpa when he is 90 years old. They have good genes in this family! It was great to see them again and spend time just chatting with them. I am very lucky to be a part of their family.

Spring Break Staycation

I love having this time off school. It reminds me how easily I could get used to just being a "Stay-At-Home" Mom. So I wanted to at least go out and do some fun things with my kids with the time off. On Thursday I took them downtown to the "Discovery Gateway" Children's Museum. That place costs a fortune (I think) but luckily I had 2 buy 1 get 1 free coupons. We played for about three hours. I think my kids are at the perfect age for this place. The Ball Tubes were the biggest hit. We spent a lot of time just putting as many balls as we could in all the different tubes and watching them go.
Mason is going to be a speed demon someday!

This was Mitchel's favorite thing. There are a bunch of pipes with magnets on the back that you hook together on this huge magnetic wall to make a track for your ping-pong ball to go through. Mitchel loves building stuff and seeing how it all fits together so he could have spend forever building different tracks.
Friday, our plan was to go down to Temple Square to take pictures with all the flowers, but the weather wasn't quite as good as I'd hoped and the kids didn't really seem that excited about that activity, so instead we had some neighbor kids come over to ride bikes and do sidewalk chalk. Meanwhile, I cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen. So fun stuff for me!

Saturday morning was the Taylorsville Easter egg hunt. We rolled out of bed and went in our PJs. All three of my kids had different strategies. Mason just stood there and cried. (He said all the kids running scared him) Mitchel was very selective and only picked up candy bars. Max just wanted the most so he picked up every piece of hard taffy he could find, which was a lot, but when we got home, I just threw it all away.
So even though we didn't get to go on a "vacation" we still enjoyed our time off school! It makes me excited for summer when we can slow down and just enjoy being together.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Awesome Aunt Tracy!

My sister Tracy is a Saint! Friday was one of those days where the kids were bugging each other, I was bugging them, and they were bugging me. At around 2:30 in the afternoon, Tracy calls out of the blue and says, "Would your kids like to sleep over at my house tonight?" "YES, OF COURSE, ARE YOU SURE?!" I responded. How awesome is that of her? Not only did she invite my three boys, but also my brother's three kids. They all absolutely love and adore her. So all six went over and watched movies, ate snacks, and probably tore apart her beautiful home, but she did it because she loves them. Mike and I took advantage of the kid free night and went out to dinner. Then we rented a movie and watched it all cuddled up with each other on the couch, with no child trying to smoosh in between us. It was wonderful. Then we slept in until 9:00 am. Awesome! Thanks Tracy for letting Mike and I have a great date night, and for giving my kids a fun night with their AWESOME Aunt Tracy. We love you!!

Filling Dad's Big Shoes

Wow! Does Dad have big feet or what! Mason loves going stomping around the house in Mike's big shoes. It's way cute! My biggest hope for my boys is that they live their lives following in their father's footsteps. He is such a wonderful husband and father. He honors his priesthood and serves so faithfully in all his callings. He loves his family and works hard to support us. We are so blessed to have him. I hope my boys will look up (way, way up) to his example and do all they can to become the kind of man he is.
-I do hope though that their feet never really get this big because do you know how hard it is to find a decent pair of size 14 shoes!! It's nearly impossible!