Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Growing Up

2 Months Old
Miles turned two months old on the 25th. It has been a blur and has gone by so fast. He is an absolute angel baby. He is now sleeping through the night too. I put him to bed between 9 and 10 and he sleeps until 7:00. Perfect! He has such a laid back disposition and hardly ever fusses, especially when he is being held. He loves his binki too. I've carted him around everywhere all summer, so he has already been a lot of places. He does spit up a lot though, which is the only "flaw" in my little guy. We go through a lot of bibs and outfits in one day. Having Miles in our family has been an amazing blessing. It just feels like all is right in the world ya know? He was definitely meant to be a Harker and I love having ALL my boys here. Having four children hasn't been too much of an adjustment. There is just more laundry, more messes, and the van is more crowded, but other than that, he has just fit right in and life has been good. I love being a mom!
First Day of School
Mitchel started 3rd Grade this week. Am I seriously old enough to have a third grader?! So far, so good. He likes his teacher and is excited for the things he is going to learn this year. I was really nervous about sending him back to school, mostly because he has a hard time making friends. I am hoping he'll find some little buddy who will love him how he is and play with him at recess. But, he has come home the last two days really happy and excited, so I hope that continues. I'm not working over at the school this year because of all the budget cuts, so I will try to go and volunteer as much as possible.

Mitchel's teacher, Ms. Deardorff
Women's Only 5K
My workout buddy, Sherri, and I ran a 5K this past Saturday at Sugarhouse Park. It went well and I was pleased with my time. It took me 30:01 minutes. Out of 740 racers, I was #121 so not too shabby. I don't know if I want to keep running. It's been a lot harder getting back into it after having Miles. I like the races, but I hate the training. I really miss my kickboxing classes that I took at the gym. Maybe I'll go back to doing more of those and less running. (This is an after the race photo. I look dead!)

Monday, August 24, 2009

A great "Mommy Moment"

I have to write down this little story before I forget. On Friday, our last "official" day of summer, Tracy and I took the kids to Murray pool for one more day of swimming. Mitchel does a great job of jumping off the diving board and Max is dying to try it as well, but I just don't think he is ready. We didn't do swimming lessons this year and I don't think Max could jump, then swim back to the side just yet. So I suggested that we go practice in some deeper water where I could be there to help him if he needed. We went over to the 5 feet, and when Max realized he couldn't touch, he got a little nervous. He climbed out on the side and stood there and I told him to jump. He got this really sweet look on his face and said, "Mom, give me a second." Then he took a few steps back and kind of hid behind the life guard tower. I watched him fold his arms, bow his head, and offer a little prayer. He quickly asked Heavenly Father to help him not be scared. When he finished, he came back and jumped right in. It was one of those "mommy moments" when you feel like your heart is just going to bust right out of your chest! I was so proud of him that he knew he could pray to Heavenly Father to give him courage. I love that even at this young age, he has faith that his prayer will be answered and Heavenly Father will help him. It was awesome. I hope as he grows that he will continue to pray any time and any place that he needs to and that his testimony of prayer will continue to grow. I'm so proud of you Max!

Thanks Aunt Tracy for coming with us and letting us enjoy this last day of summer fun. We couldn't have gone without you and we love spending time with you. We hope you had fun too!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some last Summer Blasts!

How could this summer have gone so fast? I have LOVED having my boys home to just go and play when ever and where ever we wanted. Even though we weren't able to go on any trips or camping, I think we put as much local fun into our summer as we could. This past Tuesday, we ventured down to Thanksgiving Point to walk around the children's gardens. I haven't been there since before we had children and forgot how cool it is. They had plenty of things for the kids to play and explore with and the gardens of flowers were beautiful. This is a Noah's Arc that shoots water everywhere. Wednesday we went to the beach in the Daybreak community. What a BLAST! We went with some friends from our ward who have boys the same age as mine. My friend and I sat under a shade tent with Miles while the rest of our kids dug and swam and played. A perfect way to spend one last summer day!

Last night I went to bed bawling thinking of sending Mitchel, and now Max, back to school. I know that it is time to go, and I know school is a great place (for heavens sake, I AM a TEACHER!) but it is so much different when you are sending your own kids out to have someone else care for them. I worry so much about them having friends and fitting in and having a teacher who likes them (or at least pretends to). I just want them to love school as much as I did growing up. I want it to be a place where they enjoy going and don't dread it every morning. I know it will all be okay, but I think starting school is harder for me then it is for them. I guess we'll see how it all goes on Monday.

Friday, August 14, 2009

California Vacation? Nope!

Does this picture just look like summer or what?! We spent an awesome day at the "Beach" that Herriman and Riverton City just built. We went with some of my old friends from High School and their kids. Seriously one of the best summer days ever! Us mom's just sat and talked while our kids...
dug in the sand making trenches...
swam in the freezing cold water
and had a blast pretending that we were on our own little beach vacation.
It was a little windy, and the sand a little rocky, but for not even leaving the Salt Lake Valley, I could have sworn I was on a beach in California, if only for a few hours.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cherry Hill Observation

We spent a wonderful summer day at the Cherry Hill Water park. It is perfect for the age of my kids. We went with Aunt Fabulous Tracy and left Miles with Grandma Harker for the day. We love the lazy river, the water slides, and just being able to have no worries for a few hours. But while we were there, my sister and I had an interesting observation. Why is it okay for us to wear next to nothing at a swimming pool, when we wouldn't be caught dead wearing something resembling a swimming suit anywhere else? I don't even go in my backyard wearing a swimming suit for fear that my neighbors would see me. And I sure wouldn't walk around anywhere there were a ton of people, only wearing a little piece of material covering hardly anything. Yet at a pool or water park, it is socially acceptable to do so. That is so weird!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Boys Live Here

So there are many evidences that my house is full of nothing but boys, tons of laundry, no stuffed animals, messes left everywhere, etc. But the thing that proves it the most, and is the most annoying, is LEGOS EVERYWHERE!!! I can't go in any room in my house without finding Legos. They are supposed to be kept downstairs in the toy room in this handy little tote, but I find them... on the carpet (stepping on these hurts like no other!)
on the kitchen table
on the kitchen counter
and even on the couch
Not to mention the bathrooms, the book cases, the computer room, the backyard, on the piano, and everywhere else you can think of. My boys actually build some really cool things with them though, and they can stay entertained with them for hours. But I really am sick of picking them up from everywhere. One day, when my boys are grown and gone, I might miss the Lego evidence, but right now, it drives me CRAZY!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We blessed Miles this past Sunday. Mike did an amazing job and blessed him with a lot of cool things. He was blessed to use his talents to bless others, to be humble, teachable, loving , forgiving, to be a peace maker, to give service, to gain a knowledge of the gospel, to be Christlike,to be healthy, and to get along with his brothers. Doesn't he look adorable all dressed in white? My mom made that blanket that he is sitting on.
All of our family came to share in this special day. I love that everyone lives so close so that we all can be together on important days like this. Thanks everyone for coming and supporting us! Miles is so lucky to have such an amazing extended family!
The Harker Bunch. I love my handsome boys!!!!

I am so grateful that Mike and all the Grandpas and Uncles hold the priesthood. Don't they all look so handsome!

Fun in the Sun

We spent an entire afternoon splashing and playing at Liberty Park on Monday. We went with our neighbors who also have 3 boys about the same age as my boys. Their mom and I, along with Miles, spent the time sitting in the shade with a perfect breeze just watching our boys play.
This is Mason's little friend. They spent time digging in the dirt and getting covered with it.
Cool action shot of Mitchel!

Getting clean!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

On the road again...

So I am so proud of myself! I ran my first race today since the half marathon I did back in November. Now, it was only a 5K today, but still, I only had Miles 5 weeks ago so I think that's pretty good. I ran it with my sister who works for IHC healthcare. They sponsored a free 5K at Surgarhouse park and so we decided to do it. I was a little nervous since I haven't run for a while, but it turned out I'm not in as bad of shape as I thought. I ran it in about 39 minutes, which gives me about a 13 minute mile. Not my fastest time ever, but not too bad. It made me remember how much fun running is and that I have missed doing it. I am excited to start running again with some of my neighborhood friends hopefully next week. Yeah for me!!! (And Sis, you did a great job too!)