Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

We had a relaxing and enjoyable day before Christmas. We started the morning by cleaning the house and getting ready for Santa to come. Then, to kill some time, we watched all our old home movies of Christmas past. It was fun for the kids to see themselves and what Santa had brought each year. It brought back a lot of really good memories. The best part of the day was the blizzard that hit around noon and dumped at least 6 inches of snow in only an hour or two. So we put on all our snow gear and played and shoveled for a few hours. Then it was finally time to get ready to go to Grandma Miller's for the Christmas Eve party.
We had the best dinner of prime rib, salmon, and all the yummy sides. After dinner, we played Christmas music with my chimes and acted out the nativity, always one of my favorite traditions.
It was a wonderful evening spent with my family.
Upon arriving home, we read a few Christmas stories, put out cookies and milk for Santa and celery for the reindeer. This was the final pose in front of the tree before the boys went to bed. They had a hard time sleeping because they were so excited.

I think Mitchel understands that it is really Mom and Dad who puts out the presents, and I think Max knows it too, but they are so good to still go along with the "magic" and not ruin it for their younger brothers. I think all of us, including myself, don't want to let go of the idea of Santa. For me, he is as real now as he was when I was a kid. 


Stephanie said...

It WAS a wonderful Christmas! I STILL believe...

Steve & Brenda said...

We had a great time with you all on Christmas Eve! And even in our 40's, WE STILL BELIEVE!! Ho Ho Ho!!

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